Who would I be without your help?
Thank you for your time, talent and creativity.

Love you all!

The book

Direction:Jannelies Blommaert
Final direction:Dirk Beemster
Music:Gert van Veen, Dorine Dorado
Lay-out:Yoran Vulker
Advice Motive:Anne-Marie Raven


Valentina Mauri Dornelles:Voice over English, English translation
Amber Kok:Voice over Dutch - afterpiece and the beach
Yoran Vulker:Website designer and all round technician
Piet Jan Blauw:Videoclip Breathe
Roy Drommel:Fotografie
Roel Werkman:Fotografie
Eva Menari:Light dancer - India
Jonas Kok:Pianist - Cannes
Cat Ropers:Cat Tommy - feathers and glitters
Rimke Pepers:Light flower - Love, dance, sex
Frank Kusters:Recording - I still have some time
Hans v.d. Groenekamp:Loop Beat in the dark
Maarten Beernink:Book: Earning with publishing
Tim Jansen:Student Advice - promotion plan
Eric Beets:Student Advice - promotion plan
Geert ten Dam:Ondernemersklankbord
Joris Mooijman:Strategical Advice - concept
Hans de Groot:Resumption
Jules Otto:Resumption