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About the book Breathe

Breathe is about life. A passionate and inner experience of a young female dancer that lets herself go with the flow of life, asking herself 'what is freedom?', surrounded by music, culture and friendship. To be able to experience Breathe as much as possible, music has been added to the book. Before buying the book, you can enjoy promo texts with videos. You can read, hear and experience Breathe.


It's an exceptional, intense feeling, to unravel the essence of freedom and then identify yourself with what it is. Knowing that the only thing that will live forever, is the soul.


Dancer Sophia

One glass of vodka is the only thing that she drinks on one night, even though people sometimes ask if she sometimes uses drugs, with that much energy she rages across the stage. Eric and I have come to the conclusion that she must have fallen into a pot with a magic potion when she was born. As a baby she already didn't want to sleep before her mother lifted her up and she could wave her legs around for fifteen minutes.

Sophia is half Greek, even though her temperament and her last name (Sintos), make you suspect she also has Spanish blood. Wild. Then it's rapidly gesturing and stomping feet. 'Why isn't there any vodka!? I cannot possibly perform like this!' Like a real gypsy-girl, she debuted at 16 years old as a go-go dancer in Ibiza and in 1986 she made her first big trip to India. In the hippy colony Goa, she discovered the new up and coming dance culture, that would spread around the world in the upcoming years. 'Her wild way of dancing expressed the house-kick perfectly: energy, excitement and ecstacy.'

- Source: 'De Volkskrant' (Dutch newspaper, lit.: 'The People's Paper'), Friday 12 July 1991, by MG / Gert van Veen / Quazar.