The insanity of sound, rhythm, reverbs and voices fluttered together with my inner journey. Each word is linked to sound and emotion. This mega music search engine (the brains), has spontaneously enured that the book Breathe is associated with music. Each chapter includes a piece of music, which can be downloaded using a special code.

If you already own the book, and you would like to enjoy the songs, you can visit this page to enter the code that came with your book.

There's more

With an unbelievable amount of passion, I coupled music from my past with my experiences. So, with the musical history, you can dance along with the hits from back then! The songs are listed - available via social media - nothing is mandatory, but for the music lovers, it's extra fun.

The story of music
Couples it's emotion
To memory.

The memory creates
A bond with music
To keep the experience